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Hi all,

I just received my first pair of carbon fibre soled road shoes (had BG sports before) but am getting a bit of heel lift when walking. Is this normal for a really stiff sole?

I have not put the cleats on them as I am not sure on if I should return them. Will I notice it when pedalling?

Advice appreciated!


  • danlikesbikes
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    Sorry I'm not Gokwan, but heel lift is this when your shoes are on and your heel lifts out of the shoes?

    If so it suggests that the shoes are too big or you do not have them done up properly. Carbon (or any) stiff soled shoe will feel a little different with the cleat on and attached to the pedals but you should not be able to easily lift your heel out of the shoe.
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  • smoggysteve
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    Better to be slightly too big than too small, Anyone who has experienced the pain of swollen feet inside cycling shoes will im sure agree. My shoes are half a size larger than what I would wear for normal walking shoes, trainers etc. The extra space around my toes is noticeable when cycling after an hour or so as I used to get numb toes will my usual size.

    Try walking on just the ball of your foot with them on as thats the part the power is transferred through.
  • cougie
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    I've never tried walking in my shoes without cleats. This is why you really need to try them on for fit. You could try a size down - see if that helps - but as they say - you dont want too small as your feet will swell in the heat.
  • Monty Dog
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    Heel-fit should be snug, otherwise if your foot is slopping-about when riding you're not getting the power-down as effectively. Bike shoes should be snug, probably neater than trainers and is really why getting a shoes that matches the shape of your foot is critical.
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  • montarius
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    There doesn't seem to be much movement if I try and move the shoe around when its on, its only when I start walking. I'm thinking its due to the stiff sole?

    Is it normal for the heel to lift up slightly when walking?
  • danlikesbikes
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    If there is no movement if you move the shoe around would suggest that it is a good fit which is good news for you.

    My carbon soles are not flat soled and due to the curve of them if i took the cleat off and tried walking on them I can see how it would (a) feel weird (b) cause my feet to move about more than usual. Just like wearing my mountain boots which are super stiff if I wear them in the house my feet get moved around far too much, but they have a locking mech (like ski boots) so I know they are on correctly & wearing them in ice/snow on a mountain they are perfect.
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  • bianchimoon
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    if you had the cleats on your heel would be pushed to the back of the shoe during walking, sounds to me like its ok if you say it's snug when you try and move foot around sounds right. Some sidis have adjustment screws to tighten the heel. Helps to be a good fit there as it helps when out of the saddle a short sharp steep inclines to pull up with the heel.
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