Strava or Endomondo

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With either of these apps do they allow you to import or plot a route so it can also track you on your way round and you can make sure your on the right track?


  • fsman
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    I'd recommend if you have a bike gps (e.g. Garmin 800).

    good review here

    If you are using your phone then I hope someone else can help.
  • I think Endomondo lets you track where you are
  • goonersi
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    Yes you can track, export and plot routes on Endomondo.

    To follow the route, you'll need to map it out on their website and then download it to your phone. Then you'll have to use the "compete on a route". I've not used this facility before, so not 100% sure if you get live tracking around the route.
  • vala
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    everyone thanks for clearing that up. I'll get onto Endomondo then.