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upgrades for hybrid bike (derailleurs/cranksets)

FocafarfanFocafarfan Posts: 4
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I have a Genesis Day 1 2006 hybrid. I use it for 30km a day commute, on paved roads mostly (but icy/snowy hence 'gravel-ly' in -0C winter)

My setup:
Shifters: Shimano STR224 and STR220R.
FD: Shimano LX Deore.
RD: Shimano Sora.
Front crankset: Shimano SG A-52. (3 speed. 52-42-30).
Rear: 8 speed. 26-12.

The deraileurs are 6-7yrs old and ihave maintained well tbh. Shiftin is not the smoothest, and recently adjusting the indexing of the RD was pain because all the screws, adjusters and deraileur were so stiff and dirty. In case I wanted to upgrade my setup (esp.the RD), what would be compatible and best upgrade?

I like to keep my hybrid 'roady' but am scared of buying road bike derailleurs because when I changed the factory FD for the LX Deore (6yrs ago), I remember the bike shop guy saying that the deore was the only RD that he had that would even then, on some gear combinations the front derailleur is proper touching the chain.


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    If you want smooth shifting fit a full road groupset with flat bar road shifters.

    however you'd probably be better off buying better wheels.
  • Hi, thanks for the reply.
    Actually my wheels are quite new, Mavic pros and now n winter also bought some new Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

    I am half tempted to change the whole set as you say. Am i right then in saying then that theres no compatibility issues for example, with frame, tyres, etc?

    Could you recommend one? I would like to keep the rear cassettes (8 speed) if possible, because i just bought a new one when i bought the new tyres.For my use, should i get 2 or 3 speed in front?

  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    As it's all 8-spd & you're using flat bars you can stick with MTB shifters and mechs.

    When you say 'well-maintained', what exactly do you mean? One man's 'well-maintained' can be the same as another's 'minimum service' after all.
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  • Not maintained as in not maybe washing the whole bike once every year on average (dont crucify me!) :oops: Shifting is just really tough on the thumb (it might be the cold...I live in Finland!) and also the little wheels were the chain is are not absolutely straight in line...

    If I use 'road' I need also to change the handlebar shifters to 'road' type??

    I might be interested also in changing the front crankset...and I am thinking to get rid of the rubbing of FD and chain...perhaps a narrower 2 speed would be better? Would this just 'fit' into place (assuming I also change the handlebar shifter to be 2 speed).

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