Sora - Deore Compatibility

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Hi all,

I've been tasked by a friend with sorting his bike out with lower gear ratios. He has an off-the-shelf Specialized Tricross Sport Disc ( comes with:-
Sora Shifters
HG50 9 Speed Cassette (12-27)
Acera 9 Speed Derailleur

My thought is to replace the rear cassette with the Deore XT 11-32 or 11-34. Both are 9 speed so I'm assuming they're compatible with the Sora 9 speed shifters. I'm not confident though that the Acera Derailleur will be capable of taking up the chain slack for such a wide gear range. Should I replace it with the XT M771 version? If so, the medium (GS) or long (SGS) model?

Many thanks


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    My tricross sport (not disc) 9speed came with tiagra levers and a 11-32 cassette - the derailleur is a Deore LX (iirc) and is longer than the derailleur on my road bike ...