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Ribble R872 Advice...

TheGavaTheGava Posts: 220
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Hi guys girls, I'm looking at getting the r872 on the cycle to work scheme. Ive done a little research but I'm unsure as ive read that it didnt suit "heavy riders" my problem been at christmas I was 21 stone I'm now down to 18 stone 5llb with the aim of getting down to 16 stone for the summer.. fingers crossed!! I contacted Ribble who say the frame doesnt have a weight limit but like I say its a lot of money to me and I want to make the right choice. The reason I like the ribble is because of the stleath look.....

I currently ride a more sportive frame and the r872 is a racey machine I'm 6, 2 if that helps...

So if anyboby has ridden or owes this bike or the Stleath as I believe its the same frame please can you let me know if you have any advice problems with the frame etc etc which will be appericated :-)



  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    The frame itself shouldn't be a problem. I'd say the wheels would be the area you should be most weary of. You should be looking for something with a higher spoke count built for the heavier rider (plenty of advice available, use the search function on this forum).

    You could always get an email from Ribble to confirm there's no rider weight limit and then you have some additional security should you need to make a warranty claim for the frame (their warranty is two years, I've just asked).

    I'm also looking at a R872 at the moment. From what I can tell, the majority of owners are very satisfied and looking at the 'Your road bikes' forum they seem to be a well finished, quality frame. There appears to have been a 'dodgy batch' of another of Ribbles carbon frames (the GF I think) wherein they were cracking around the rear mech dropout. Not seen any negative comments on the R872 though.

    What bike are you currently riding? Could you not hold on and use the Ribble as an incentive to get down to 16 st and then you might not worry about the weight limit as much?

    Edit: Good effort for shifting 3 st in 3 months!
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  • BookwyseBookwyse Posts: 245
    I have a 872 and love it. As for your weight I wouldnt let it worry you, OK I'm a light(ish) weight now 12 stone but was 17st this time last year. My lad whose 17st has ridden mine without any problems at all and thats with the 50mm planet X carbon tubs on it.

    As stated the main issue would be getting the right wheels to cope but I am more than happy that the frame would cope with whatever you threw at it.
  • TheGavaTheGava Posts: 220
    Thanks guys, I'm sooo tempted and think I will go for it!! I'll sell on the rodi wheels that come with the bike and I have some pro3's on mavic rims that I currently use that can go on it for now with the aim of going for the Planet X 52mm clinchers.

    The first 2 1/2 stone was easy but now I'm finding it a little harder to shift :-(

    Bookwyse, can I ask how tall you are and which frame size you have??

    Thank again guys, really appreciate your advice :-)
  • Hi, I was looking at a Stealth, but was also scared off by the test reports talking of an upper weight limit. Currently I have got a Ribble Sportive carbon, and going downhill at times it can feel a little fragile - so I have been suspecting that maybe I am too heavy for the Frame (87kg). Would the same apply to the r872 - whilst the frame wont break will it flex too much if the rider is over say 75kg ? Would I be safer sticking to a USA frame where they build for bigger riders ?

    cheers Bill
  • TheGavaTheGava Posts: 220
    Anymore advice from any other owners etc??

    Ill be filling out the form on monday morning....
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