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Hi, new to the forum so hi.

Got a question, been watching the racing on euro sport. I'm getting confused by the different events that seem to be on at the same time. Tirreno - Adriatico and Paris - Nice. My confusion is just that i would have expected them to all be in each event all together. Do they just choose which events they want to race or are these different classes of riders for the above mentioned events.

Many thanks in advance
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    Honestly the answers you'll get to this in Pro Race should be really informative. Try again over there, as I imagine there are good reasons.

    Some teams have many riders suited to many disciples (tours, 1 day races, flat, hills etc) so will spread their riders out accordingly.

    Interestingly the 2 current races have big riders in each (Cav + Tony Martin, Froome, Contador in TA - Gilbert, Roche and others in PN).
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    Thanks for the response, but yep will post in the section too.

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