Triple shifters on double chain ring set up

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Apologies if I get the technical details a bit muddled up here but.......

I am currently building up a project bike and have so far acquired everything I need to set up a double chain ring set up at the front using Shimano 10 speed cassette & derailleur. However......I have stumbled across a possible bargain in a set of triple gear shifters that would match my current Shimano set up.

Can I use a set of triple shifters on a double set up and if so would I need to adjust anything or do anything special?

Hope that makes sense!!


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    Haven't done it myself, but I've been told it's possible. You just need to set the limit screws so that the high/low positions don't throw the chain off the rings; the middle position on the shifter then effectively acts like a trim. Seems like it might be a bit irritating, though, as you would have to push the lever twice to shift from one chainring to the other.
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    The middle click won't act as the trim. As above you'll need to set the limit screws on the FD appropriately and when setting the cable you need to choose if you want to use the top two gears on the shifter or the bottom two.

    If using the top two just make sure that you set the shifter into the middle position before tightening the cable to the FD.

    You shouldn't loose the trim capability on the shifters but its likely you'll need the top two gears to get trim.
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    Cheers guys, much appreciated. Sounds like it could be more hassle than its worth!!
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    I guess it all depends how much of a deal it is! From my perspective, I think I would rather spend a bit more and get the set up right than be a little bit irritated every single time I went out for a ride.
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    JamesEs, that was my thinking in the end. I would have been going for the triple just as it was a better spec that my current double but in reality I think it would have just caused more problems than just sticking to what I have. I dare say I wont notice the difference anyway!!
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    They are the same in use. JamesS has misunderstood the operation of the shifter.

    The only difference is that you won't be using the bottom end of the available index positions on the shifter.

    You set the shifter up so it uses middle and top for your small and large chainrings to avoid overstressing the shifter if you attempt to upshift whilst on the big chainring. It's no harder to configure than a double setup.
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