Maintenance Toolkit - What do I need?

supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
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Let me begin with saying that I am not mechanically minded and in all fairness the thought of getting a mechanical failure or punc**** out on the road fills me dread but I've decided to meet this fear head on.

Having read some other threads about bike books I've just ordered the Zinn Guide to Road Bike maintenance as this along with the Park Tool book seemed to get a number of recommendations. I'm also on the lookout for a decent stand. Its my intention to get to know my bike (Cube Agree GTC Race) a little more intimately so that as I cycle further and further from home I have confidence that if something should go wrong, I can at least attempt some repairs. The cleaning side is also important to me as I want to keep the bike in fine fettle so that it lasts and parts don't wear out due to poor basic maintenance etc.

As you can tell I won't be stripping the bike down just yet but I'd like to be able to handle the basics. So as a novice, I wondered what my home toolkit (inc cleaning tools) should comprise of?