Anyone want to try racing?

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I am running Gravity enduro At Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire on the 21st July.
We wanted to set it up as a grass roots event to get people in to the sport and racing.

We have had 42 people(men) sign up for the Fun category but our woman’s category only has one rider at the moment.
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in every category. :D
You will get a prize for just finish if there are only 3 ladies. :wink:
There is a 150 rider limit to the race at we are at 101.
If the race sells out and you still want to enter contact me anyway. We might be able to squeeze to in to fill the category.

So my questions are
Do you or anyone you know want to sign up and race?
Is there any where else I can ask this question?
Anything else you want to know?


Link: ... duro#entry