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Trek 2.3 Madone - Green. Balham High Road, SW17

sulltosullto Posts: 3
edited March 2013 in Road stolen
2.3 Madone was stolen outside of 260 Balham High Road in SW17 (physio clinic) on The evening of 5th March 2013.

Bright green frame.

Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled.


  • Hi,
    Sorry to hear of your loss. Had my 2011 medium Black Langster stolen on the same evening from the leisure centre on Elmfield road so obviously someone has had an evening of nicking. Reported it to Tooting Police but the CCTV is rubbish, so it's an open and shut case. But got the Gumtree/Ebay alerts on, it'll turn up at some point! I recovered my hybrid in 2011 that was stolen outside Balham Barclays - couple of months later saw some youths with it on the estate next to Lambeth College and got it back. Our bikes won't have gone far!

    My details:
    Frame No. WSBC602204450F
    BikeRegister Code 01 869 23150

    Will keep an eye out for your Trek!

  • Surely not.... ... 1011755559

    A 2013 Madone for £650?

    This guy posts Gumtree ads under different names and lives in Tooting. Hmmm.
  • sulltosullto Posts: 3
    An update on the Trek, it was indeed the bike on gumtree, I didn't expect it to come on so soon. I met the seller this morning, confirmed it was my bike then wandered off to 'get the cash out' and called the Police. I had discussed it with them previously. Tooting Police station sent a van, a car and 4 officers. There were 2 other bikes there but they had not been reported stolen but I got my bike back and the seller is now in custody.

    I was certainly appreciative of mossj88's (John from guide to recovery and would recommend everyone take note of their frame number now if they haven't done already.

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