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DT Swiss hub issue

trail jackertrail jacker Posts: 844
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Hi all,

I have a rear wheel that I recently acquired, and its a qr DT Swiss 370 hub.

Basically, my standard (5mm) qr has a fair bit of space when through the hub - it almost looks 1 to 1.5mm too thin for the hub. This means it can wobble fairly freely in the hub, even when tightened and mounted into the dropouts. Does this mean the hub is knackered? Or does it need servicing? Any guidance appreciated.



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    The QR skewer is just to hold the nuts together and the wheel doesn't run on it in any way. If you have a wobble, it's something else.
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  • I'm guessing its the bearings then. Bought the wheelset off a forum (no mention of knackered bearings, considerate eh...), front bearings are shot and I guess the rear ones are too. Cheers for the pointer.
  • craig tcraig t Posts: 21
    check the 2 end nuts(1 each end of the hub) might just need nipping up. If these or one is a bit loose you'll have play(wobble) in the bearings/hub. DTswiss recomend tightening to around 17nms. i just tighten by hand then nip up with spanners 2x 17mm, not to much as the wheel needs to spin freely. If the wheels spins with a rough/grinding noise then knackerd bearings. Can be bought quite cheeply and ok to fit if competant with spanners. ... cal-Manual

    Tells you all you need to know.
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