Can You Help to Tackle Ticks??

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Tick Bite Prevention Week runs from the 24th March - 30th March 2013 and the organisers, BADA-UK (a charity dedicated to the prevention of tick-borne diseases) are asking for your help.

Why is there a Tick Bite Prevention Week?
Phillip's story is just one good reason.
Phillip (62) was an active man who enjoyed cycling, fishing, bowling and photography. He developed what was thought to be ring worm on his leg but after a few weeks it resolved and he thought nothing more of it. However, a few months later, Phillip was rushed to hospital in a critical state with fluid round is heart. Doctors discovered he had Lyme disease (Borreliosis), transmitted from an infected tick bite and treated him with intravenous antibiotics. The ring-like rash Phillip had was one of the more common early symptoms of Lyme disease.
Phillip recovered but his symptoms soon returned. He contacted the tick-borne disease charity BADA-UK who urged him to see an infectious diseases specialist at hospital. After assessment, the specialist immediately started Phillip on another course of intravenous antibiotics and, thankfully, this time he recovered and is now back to his hobbies and running a busy workshop.
Phillip was one of around 3,000 people in the UK who contracted Lyme disease (for which there is no vaccine) last year. He was not aware of the consequences of a simple tick bite and he's not alone.
Tick Bite Prevention Week exists to make sure everyone is 'tick aware' and knows about the tick-bite prevention measures that can help to keep themselves and their pets safe.

BADA-UK (Borreliosis & Associated Disease Awareness UK) was founded by a group of people who suffer the effects of Lyme disease. The charity is volunteer run and relies on the generosity of fundraisers and donors to continue its vital work in disease prevention.

You can help BADA-UK raise awareness of this important issue, and much-needed funds, by taking part in a national Walk- 'n' Wagathon during Tick Bite Prevention Week and beyond. Individuals, groups (and their dogs, because pets can get tick-borne disease too) can walk in aid of Tick Bite Prevention by registering with Justgiving. Then you're ready to get walking and making others 'Tick Aware'! BADA-UK would love to share pictures and news of your walks via its Facebook and Twitter feeds.

There's lots of tick-avoidance and tick-removal information for people and pets, plus the BADA-UK Walk- 'n' Wagathon 2013 registration, sponsor forms and event badges available at:

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