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Rock Lobster Titanium and Brand New Scott Spark 940 29er

BobbinboyBobbinboy Posts: 29
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The above two bikes were stolen from Shirley, Southampton last night. Both in size XL.

Rock Lobster Titanium XL
Titanium frame, Rock Shox Reba forks, full XT crankset and brakes and Panaracer Fire Xc tyres.

Scott Spark 940 29er
Brand new and never ridden 29er in XL size. Only arrived last week so just look at the pictures on the Internet.

Tried to add photos but as I failed the bikes can be seen on:
No bike they've all been stolen...


  • BobbinboyBobbinboy Posts: 29
    I would just like to add a couple of points that may be of interest. The new Scott Spark had only been delivered 6 days before and gone straight into my garage with no one seeing it. The odds on the thieves breaking in straight after the delivery of a new bike purely by chance seems so unlikely which leads me to think they thieves knew I had a new bike. Seeing as they couldn't have seen it it means they must have had inside knowledge and as the bike was ordered from Evans cycles via the C2W scheme and delivered by DPD couriers it is them I am going to focus on as well as these involved at my workplace.

    I,m not going to blame anyone right now but I thought it sensible to raise awareness and also to see if anyone else has had their bikes stolen immediately after it as arrived. The Police are so uninterested its unbelievable but I am going to keep pressing them to look into this.

    Finally if anyone sees anyone on a Rock Lobster Team Ti (Titanium) bike could they try and gain any info they can (car number plate maybe) because they are so rare it maybe my bike and I have never seen another. Thanks all and make sure you secure your garages because they thieves broke through my garage roof they were so desparate to get to mine!
    No bike they've all been stolen...
  • Do you have anything to link yourself to bikes such as;
    Garmin connect
    Roof rails on vehicle or tow bar
    Stickers on car advertising cycling?

    Just a thought.
    As I had either been followed home or the thieves used one of the above. Although my settings on strava etc are set quite high, but they could drive around the area and look for cars with roof rail bike carriers.
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  • BobbinboyBobbinboy Posts: 29
    I had listed some routes on Garmin Connect and although none of the ones from my home were open it is entirely possible they could have seen and followed me from my regular meeting places. I've removed all my routes but its too late now! Just like the article on this site a couple of days ago said you shouldn't put any of your routes on line as it just makes their life easier and as the old bill aren't interested its practically guaranteed you are going to get away with it.
    No bike they've all been stolen...
  • BobbinboyBobbinboy Posts: 29
    Well good news on the Rock Lobster. The frame on its own appeared on eBay and in my local area and it was obvious from the photos it was mine. Called the Police and next day they tracked the house down and made an arrest. The wheels, shock, saddle and seat post were all on another bike that was seized so once that was stripped down I got that as well! No groupset at all though and still missing one brand new Spark 940 :-(
    No bike they've all been stolen...
  • philipe28philipe28 Posts: 13
    Thats great to hear. When it happened to me i went to court when the kid was up. Each time i sat there glaring at him. It turned out he was always hanging around our area. Once his cover was blown he kept well away. Plus his details will be read out in court.

    Just something to consider. When they know you know who they are they are a little less cocky, the little scum.
  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    Nice partial result.This guy is a [email protected]
  • philipe28philipe28 Posts: 13
    Sorry Lagrange, Who do you mean is a [email protected]?
  • philipe28philipe28 Posts: 13
    Thought so!
  • BobbinboyBobbinboy Posts: 29
    Well it's finally gone to court and the scrote pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods but he wouldn't say who he got the bike from. Unbelievably it was his first offence so they gave him a slap on the wrist, £100 fine and a conditional discharge. I was pushing for life with no chance of parole but there you go.
    No bike they've all been stolen...
  • philipe28philipe28 Posts: 13
    Well at least he got done. Now he's on the radar in more ways than one and has his first mark on his criminal record.
  • Well who would have thought it. Almost one year after they were stolen the Police called to say they had recovered the Spark 940 in a house raid about 4 miles away from home. Somehow the alleged new 'owner' managed to persuade the Police that he bought it in good faith so no further charges were brought but at least the bike is in the Police's hands. As it belongs to the insurance company I now have to negotiate with them but I'm going to buy it come what may :-)

    Let's hope all the good work that others are doing to have a national database helps us all by reducing the selling on of our bikes.
    No bike they've all been stolen...
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