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Cycle roof rack help

Benz carreraBenz carrera Posts: 146
edited March 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello I live in the west mids area and I have recently brought a 2012 focus mk3 was wondering were is the best and cheapest place to get a 2 cycle roof rack from and is a roof rack my best option????


  • raldatraldat Posts: 242
    In my opinion roof racks are the last option. They are difficult to use as you need to lift the bikes and there is wind noise and they harm fuel consumption. Anything you can put on the back is probably better.

    That being said, I use roof racks. Why? I have a work lease car and they will not fit a tow bar for me, so that option is out. When transporting the kids bikes I want to open the rear hatch of estate car so those strap to the back options are out.

    For roof racks, I use the industry standard Thule. Very happy but not used anything else.
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