aarrgghh wrist ache!!

the ferry
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just a very gentle 12 mile no great bumps along the way got home left wrist feels like its broke..real pain no great swelling just a dull ache and stiffness..any suggestions welcome.. :(


  • lawrences
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    Common cause of wrist/arm pain is wrong seat setup. Make sure your seat is flat and in the right place so that it isn't pitching your body weight forwards causing you to put alot of weight through your arms.

    Ideally you should be able to hold the body position you ride at with your hands on or off the bars.
    If that isn't it then you might be trapping a nerve in your hand.
  • the ferry
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    cheers will double check, felt comfortable and only in left wrist..flippin growing old at 46!!
  • smoggysteve
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    Do you wear a watch on your left wrist? Can act like a tourniquet.
  • Davdandy
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    the ferry wrote:
    cheers will double check, felt comfortable and only in left wrist..flippin growing old at 46!!

    46,you are yet a puppy my good man. :lol:

    I`m 49 and i know how you feel.Growing older is not nice is it?
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  • Monty Dog
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    Wear padded gloves, use padded bar tape in needed and relax the grip on the bars
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  • Or how about some gel pads under your bar tape to cut down on vibration.
  • iPete
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    Cinelli AVS gel pads are good, also try looking at your positioning and consider flipping the stem or changing the length.
  • elderone
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    I had this in my right wrist and it was from riding on the hoods alot.Tilted my bars a bit so hoods sit higher.Problem solved.btw IM 49 and it wasn,t age.
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  • Paul E
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    Move your seat back a bit, that will shift your centre of gravity back and move weight off your hands.
  • dawebbo
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    As others suggest it sounds like either:
    saddle too far forward,
    saddle nose tilted down too much,
    gripping bars too hard,
    unusual hand position on the bars.
    Personally I don't find padding makes that much difference unless the road is really bumpy.