Replacing cycle helmet straps

Jim Newmark
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I have two Reevu helmets and I really like them ... It is just a shame that they are no longer made. They are now still in pretty good condition appear from the flattened pads, easily replaced, and the chin and back of head support webbing which are beginning to dissolve, probably through the action of concentrated sweat. There seem to be a variety of helmet spares but no generic "fit all" strap kits. Has anybody seen anything along these lines for sale?


  • goonz
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    I didn't think straps were usually replaceable as does that not put the helmets structural integrity at risk?
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  • Jim Newmark
    Jim Newmark Posts: 151
    Yes, you are probably right ... but I am certainly using them past their "use before" date anyway. With their rear view mirrors nobody has made anything like them since. I use that feature all the time, even to the extent that when I have been on the bike for a long time I find myself glancing upwards when I am walking around! Very rarely do they come up on Ebay and when they do I have always been outbid - they go for three times their original selling price. However, Reevu only make motorcycle helmets now. Every so often I send them pleading emails and they always answer promptly - but plead lack of capital investment to restart on the cycle helmet side.
  • sandyballs
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    I have replaced straps on my helmet but then again the shop does a replacement kit for mine so it is clearly designed that way. When i was looking I cannot remember seeing any generic kits, they were all direct replacement for specific models. For the record its an Alpina pheos.