Cycing and post-traumatic osteoarthritis

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Had a really big flare up 3 weeks ago... :(
Has anyone got any tips on how to get back in the sadle afterwards as I am wanting to completea 100 mile sportive this year.??


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    I'm a believer in trying herbs and natural supplements. Sometimes they work and sometimes not but most are inexpensive and safe if used properly so worth a try. A couple that seem to work for a few friends of mine are the Glucosamine Sulfate and an ingredient of tumeric called Curcumin. Make sure you get the Glucosamine sulfate and not the hydrochloride version since it seems to make a difference. Plenty of info avalable as to doses and such. If you have not already educated yourself on diet look into what foods can cause inflammation and agravate the pain such as tomatoes for one. Wish I had a cure for you since I know it can be a hellish thing to live with. Good luck and hope you get to do your 100 miler.
  • Thanks for the reply, didnt realise about tomatoes...Glucosamine dosent seem to an affect...

    Will keep pluging aay at it :)
  • I too belive in many alternative medicines but I have hever understood how such a complex molecule as Glucosamine can enter the system without being broken down? Also it seems like, evne if it does work, delivering a load of tarmac to a pot holes road when the problem actually is that there are no workers around to install it - i.e. OA is not caused by a chemical deficiency so why on earth would having more glucosamine make a difference? Once those chondrocytes are gone/damaged/reducing they aint' coming back/recovering/increasing in number just cause of more building materials being around.

    PS - I do wish you the best and the only thing I know of that works in pretty much all cases is slow and steady increases in activity by finding the right balance between exercise and rest. The latter is the key to improvements in OA joints and varies from person to person and time to time.

    If you can afford to pay Physio to give you passive physiological movements and/or mobilisations for you that also helps.