Cycling glasses with an adjustable bridge

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I've been blessed with a nose with a broad bridge which means 99% of sports glasses are too narrow across my nose so the lenses and frames sit too far from my face. Does anyone know of a decent brand or model of sports glasses that has adjustable nose pieces?

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  • chrisaonabike
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    Hope someone has some suggestions - I have this problem too. Rather than sitting too far away, I push them up, which is fine while riding cos my head's pointing down a bit anyway, but they look ****ing stupid off the bike.
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  • jordan_217
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    Rudy Projects are worth a look. Mine are prescription and every RP frame I tried in the opticians had an adjustable/pliable nose piece and pliable arms too. IIRC the RP accessories and spares include different nose bridges, I think they were a few £'s extra

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  • Guanajuato
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    My cheap (£10) ebay Oakley knock-offs nosepiece is adjustable in that the pads can be bent to suit our nose. Local optician added prescription lenses for £90. I'd guess that the real thing is adjustable too.
  • petemadoc
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    Adidas evil eye have an adjustable bridge
  • mercia_man
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    I use Rudy Project Rydons with RX inserts. The bridge is adjustable bendable rubber and is simply replaced if it wears out. It should fit the broadest or narrowest nose. Easy to replace - I just googled it and found a supplier. The modern nose bridge is a better design than my old one which kept losing the stuck-on rubber pads. The new design involves a bendable metal bridge totally covered in rubber.
  • thegreatdivide
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    PeteMadoc wrote:
    Adidas evil eye have an adjustable bridge

    Yip. Three settings on the nose and also on the legs too. Great glasses.
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    As already suggested try the Rudy Project Rydons, completely adjustable nose bridge.