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Vivid air shock help

patchesuk2patchesuk2 Posts: 39
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I've just got my VIVID AIR SHOCK (going on a glory 2011) back from being serviced from (well, I won't mention as they have been great up to now)...

Anyway I was hoping to race on Sunday however after fitting the shock and sitting on the bike the shock instantly had an initial issue of locking at 40% sag. This happened a while ago at a race and I remember the guy servicing forks (again won't mention) telling me something along the air hadn't equaled properly. Anyway, obviously I can send the shock back however I need it for Sunday and I'm sure said shop won't be open over the weekend... can anyone recommend how to fix this.

I may have stupidly gone even further wrong here... after an internet search I was trying to attach my shock pump and it has let out even more air and now the shock is at max compression and I can't even get my shock pump re-attached!!!



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    How does it being at max compression mean you can't attach the pump?
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  • The outer diameter of my shock pump is too wide to fit as the schrader valve on the shock is now too close to the top of the shock that bridges to the dampner cylinder.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Can't you just turn the piston round a bit?
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  • Funny you said that... I typed that whilst taking the shock off an hence can now turn the piston.. :) .. to equalise the pressure do you know if I just need to re-pump up the shock and then cycle it a few times?
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