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I’m deciding between the Ritchey WCS Classic and the Deda Zero 100 bars.
Any opinions on either one?


  • jgsi
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    I'm a fan of Ritchey kit - full stop.
  • Bozman
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    I was a Ritchey man and then i swapped over to 3T, i should have stuck with Ritchey.
  • philbar72
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    got easton, they are ok. seems ritchey are a good make loads of bikes get specced with their stuff.
  • thegreatdivide
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    Two different kinds of bars. The Ritchey is a 'classic' old school round bend bar with a deep drop, the Deda is a modern shallow drop bar so it's easier/quicker to transfer from tops to drops. I find shallow bars make it much easier to control the brakes/shifters from the drops too.

    FWIW I use Ritchie WCS Evocurve bars. Middle of the road drop with a nice flattened and slightly swept back top section for climbing when seated.