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So my old man bless him some would say he’s got too much money, I know nice problem to have. Anyway to set the scene he took up road riding after seeing Mr Wiggins win the TDF and Olympic Gold. Having some concern around would this be a quick flash in the pan and he went for a couple of rides and put the bike away never to see the light of day again he set himself a budget of around £800.

He picked up a Boardman hybrid from that well known orange badged shop. But was kind enough to let me have the bike for 24 hours for me to check it over and make sure it was actually road worthy

Anyway he started doing seven, ten and now up to 35 mile rides with a mate of his but was a little jealous of the Specialized bike his riding buddy had as he’d spent around £2.5k on it. I can’t confirm what it is as I’ve never seen it myself

Anyway my old man starts asking me what could he get for around £3k. I recommended a few but I particularly liked the new 2013 Giant Defy advanced 1 and said if I had the money I’d probably go for one of these.

So not ten minutes ago I took a call from him saying how much is your Focus worth? Bizarre question I thought but I said I’ve probably paid around £1200 for it (Cayo 105 with Askuim upgrade). I said probably between £700 to £800 but of course it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, why? Well son how would you feel about selling it, giving me the money and I’ll treat you to the Defy 1 Advanced. Call it an early birthday and Christmas present from your very generous Dad.

He’s still looking to get himself something as well and is looking to do a bit of a deal with the local bike shop. However now I’m in a bit of a dilemma, I love my Focus but would I love a Giant more……??? :?

Feedback please
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  • Say thank you, upgrade and treat him to a meal / drinks out.
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    The Defy is a great bike. I'm with spaceman!
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    About the only dilemma I can see is that do you love your focus enough to want to keep it and use it when you're not riding a Giant Defy 1 Advanced ??

    I'd love to have that dilemma!
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    So he's buying 2 defy 1. getting a deal and selling 1 on to you for £700?

    Funny how they try to justify that its fair. My old man sold his house to my brother for 100k less than it was worth and then tried to justify it. Its funny 'cos I really didn't give a watsits.
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    Well if it makes your dad happy to buy you the bike it would be rude to deny him that happiness.Enjoy your new bike..
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  • Go for it, then give him the Defy when he buys you a Cervelo
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    get the defy...im sure if you miss your old bike then your dad wont mind you borrowing it every now and again :wink:
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    I,d be kicking myself that I hadn't recommended him the Bottecchia Emme 2 personally.
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    Can you tell your Dad I love Defy's to and that I paid £1000 for my boardman and I would probably get back £450 for it.

    I also love the Trek madone 6 series to, any of the 6 series range is fine though I am not fussy I await a call :D
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    Just as a news update to this post. I stuck with my Cayo 105 but in the end decided to sell one of my mountain bikes. The other issue I had was I didn’t want the same bike as my old man so opted for one of the Focus Cayo Evo range.

    My old man is now the proud owner of the Defy advanced one and you can see pics of my new Focus in my signature.

    Gratitude to my Dad, and good luck to him in his first event next week :D
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    2013 Cayo Evo 3
    2013 Zesty 414
    2002 Avalanche 0.0
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    I'd have also stuck with the Focus, so top man!
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