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New brakes needed

mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
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Have spent the last couple of years upgrading bits on my bike and im now onto the brakes. Currently i have a set of tektro calipers, dont know what model they are but they arent great, the pads were changed for clarks triple compound which helped them a bit but they have a tendency of not releasing very well and i get a lot of wheel rub from them.

I dont ride the bike in bad weather and now after every few rides have to remove the calipers and loosen up the spring on the back by manually squuezing them together and lubricating them. So decided that its upgrade time.

Initially my head was turned by the planet x cnc brakes, they look fantastic but reviews seem very mixed on them, real love 'em or hate 'em ! Next option was to go for a set of shimano brakes to match my groupset, current groupset is full shimano 105 5600.

I have seen the planet x for £90, 105 5700 £70 and ultegra £90, ive also read a few things about both the ultegra and the 5700 brakes not working effectively with 5600 sti's due to the "leverage ratio" ?? But im struggling to find a pair of black 5600 calipers anywhere.

So, anyone have any opinions on any of the brakes mentioned above or any opinions on if my groupset will be ok with any of them, many thanks for opinions and advice.


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Buy Swissstop pads. World of difference.
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  • mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
    That is another consideration but i still feel i need new calipers as the current ones lock up continually and im just not happy with them.

    At the moment my fist choice is to go for a set of shimano 105 5700 calipers and upgrade to swisstop pads, is this my bestoption and would the 5700 series calipers work fine with my 5600 groupset ?
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Different cable pull. Get DA 7800 calipers.
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  • mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
    They're probably going to be a little out of my budget i would guess, im looking at £90 max
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    English Cycles V3 | Cervelo P5 | Cervelo T4 | Trek Domane Koppenberg
  • kim10kim10 Posts: 186
    I think you can still get the 5600 stuff from Shimano. Have a look at these: ... tAodoQ4AmA

    I had a 5600 groupset on my bike before upgrading to SRAM Force and the 5600 stuff is now on my winter bike. I have always found the 105 brakes very good with swisstop pads.
  • pkripperpkripper Posts: 652
    look for something secondhand - you'll get a much better brake for the same money and / or chuck in some swisstop greens with the saving.

    I didn't get on with the PX brakes and use 7800 or sram on my bikes.
  • mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
    Im keeping an eye on here for 2nd hand and on ebay but everything seems to be 5700, and 5600 stuff in shops seems to be more expensive.

    Before i posted on here i had emailed a shop asking about 5700 calipers and they have just emailed me back to say 5700 would work fine with my groupset, but everything else ive read contradicts this !
  • mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
    Grill - thanks for the heads up on those but im after black and they are silver, but they are a bargain
  • mitchgixer6mitchgixer6 Posts: 729
    AFAIK the 5600 brakes didn't come in black. If you've got your heart set on black calipers then I think it'll need to be 5700. If the lever ratio is different then they should still work, but not quite as good as they would be if paired to 5700 levers.
  • mr_sjmr_sj Posts: 507
    Looks like i may have found some 5600 calipers in black.

    Lookingat swissstop pads, there are a couple suitable for alloy rims, any suggestions on which i should be getting and do the pads fit the holders on shimano calipers ?
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    I have Cannondale branded Tektros on one bike and new Ultegra 6800 brakes on my Roubaix. Using the same set of wheels the difference is dramatic. You'll find used Ultegras on ebay from someone upgrading to DA.

    If you have braking issues it's well worth degreasing the wheel rim with brake cleaner, but don't get it on the tyres. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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