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Felt Z85

chucklachuckla Posts: 132
edited March 2013 in Road general
Picking a 2013 Z85 up to'orrow! First proper road bike! Can't wait to try it!


  • Love my Felt not the same model but are beautiful looking bikes but then I am biased.

    Good luck & you do know you need to put up some pics!
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  • fludeyfludey Posts: 384
    Good will love it....I liked my Felt so much I bought two!
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  • chucklachuckla Posts: 132
    fludey wrote:
    Good will love it....I liked my Felt so much I bought two!

    It'll be my 3rd felt! I have a six60 hardtail mtb and jut sold a hybrid!

    Delivery delayed till next week though, so bit dissapointed, but looking forward to it all the same!
  • MrSwearyMrSweary Posts: 1,699
    I got my Z85 last year... Loving it. Great value for money.
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    Felt Z85 - mangled by taxi.
  • Recently purchased a Z95 and so far it's been great, good value for money and it rides really well.

    Never really looked at felt before, glad I took the advice of the sales assistant.
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  • bobonesbobones Posts: 1,199
    Love my Felt. Seems to be a common trait amongst Felt owners.
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