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Canyon ultimate AL

bukowski102bukowski102 Posts: 88
edited March 2013 in Road general
Hi people
Whats this bike like to race on?
I rode my first race season last year on a low end carbon unbranded isp frame that feels ok, I am very interested in
the canyon al evo frame and wondered if it would suit crits and road races in general.
I like the idea of the aluminium, was going to stick some bonty xxx racelites on it.
Do you think its worth shelling out the extra for the ultimate cf?
has anyone got any experience in racing this frame?
I would greatly appreciate the feedback
Thanks everyone!



  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    censored knows, but if its good enough for the professionals......
  • I have one of these, unfortunately I have only been out on it once due to injury but it flys, and flys better than my carbon bike. I was shocked at the weight of the frame, so light and with the right wheels and groupset you could probably get the bike just under 7kg.

    Also Canyon have brilliant customer service, I had some problems with the stem length and they sent me out a different sized stem, no questions.

    P.S I don't work for Canyon
  • LightningLightning Posts: 360
    Gilbert won the Amstel Gold Race in 2010 using a Canyon Ultimate AL. Is that good enough? :wink:
  • Thanks everyone for your replies
    I think I may buy the frame
    See how long it will take to ship!
  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,728
    Had my Ultimate AL since August last year, clocked up just over 2.5k miles and love it, brilliant bike, couldn't recommend it more.... Super comfortable and very fast.... I would highly recommend, there's a massive buzz around carbon and long may it continue so the good Alu frames that are actually better than most cheap carbon frames will remain nice and cheap for us Alu riders!
  • pride4everpride4ever Posts: 510
    The Canyon is actually a superb all round bike. Would have one tomorrow.
    the deeper the section the deeper the pleasure.
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