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Back ache

paulyh101paulyh101 Posts: 78
Hi i have been riding a good few years now been on my current bike nearly twelve months but recently started with back ache on the right side in the lumbar region .The only things i have changed in the last 5 months are the saddle and changed to a reverb post :lol:


  • AlexJCookAlexJCook Posts: 108
    I have a Spinal Fusion and know how bad back pain can be!

    My best advice is to ensure you stretch thoroughly, before and after rides, however small.

    It sounds pathetic and a bit like school PE classes, but it really is crucial.

    Ensure that you stretch your lower back and also your hamstrings especially, these are what get tight in Cyclists and cause all sorts of trouble, including back pain.

    It will take a while for you to gain flexibility, but it will help your comfort a great deal. Cycling makes demands of your core, back and legs in a restricted range of movement, therefore leading to shortening of the muscles.

    I also use a foam roller and do self-massage of my leg muscles using my bodyweight, this helps to further stretch the muscles, and work out knots and tension after rides.

    Hope that helps.
  • Phil595Phil595 Posts: 2
    I agree, stretch your hamstrings every day for a few weeks to help ease the pain and work on core muscle exercises to strenghen your back
  • I suffer with that too and found that Yoga helps (just the basic stuff, nothing too dramatic). Its good for all over stretching. Should be done around 3 times per week (or more if you can) to get the benefit. Also helps strengthen core.

    Hope it gets better soon! :D
  • MTB13MTB13 Posts: 29
    I do all the stretching but was still getting back ache (it's in the family). I have now gone full sus which soaks up the bumps a bit more and hey presto, the back ache has eased. Not disappeared but it's certainly eased.
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