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Sorry - After a bit of buying advice!!

chrisarniechrisarnie Posts: 6
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry in advance for yet another purchasing advise message..... if you dont ask you get though!!!

I am looking for a light bike, for doing Sportive type ride, so long hours in the saddle, that doesn't need panniers etc fitting. Price range between 1k-1.5k

Below is the leader so far!! Just wondered if anyone would advise against the below, or advise anything different.

Many thanks for any help in advance! ... 5b3f68e70a


  • navrignavrig Posts: 1,352
    You will need to provide a bit more information to help people give anything other than "well I have a superduper x300" and love it type of advice.

    Stuff like:
    your riding experience
    where are you likely to be riding - flat/hilly etc
    budget for other stuff - the bike is just the start....

    Focus bikes are a well known and respected brand so it will be a decent bike but will it suit you?

    The other advise you will get is to go and sit on your target purchases and see how they feel.
  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    a bit more information provided will probably allow a more informed response.

    1) Is this your first road bike?
    2) Are you fit and flexible?
    3) Have you got any of the associated accessories you need when taking up bike riding - ie helmet, shoes, tools, repair kit, clothes
    4) Do you have a local shop where you can test ride.

    If it was me and I had £1500 to spend then I would probably be putting c£1100 -£1200 on the bike and the rest of other necessary items.

    If I am not mistaken the Focus Cayo is known to be an excellent bike but of a more racing geometry so maybe not the most suited to casual sportive riding. However the world s awash with alternatives at that price and regardless of what you buy it will be great so long as it fits you.
  • Thanks

    Riding experience - done LEGOG on a heavier bike as we used panniers. Now looking on cycling with a lighter bike, hills and flats, for long durations. Sportive rides for example.

    Where - assume hills

    fitness - Assume fit

    Budget - £1000-£1500
  • Cheers calpol,

    budget exludes accessories. I have most of these from previous riding. Its my first light road bike, my heavier bike is form St John Steet Cycles - ... prod29485/

    mine is about 7 years old now though :(
  • Genesis Equilibrium ticks pretty much all the boxes for the unassuming "non wannabe" rider who actually lives in the real world made of traffic and potholes, rather than yellow jerseys and split seconds...
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  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    I blame Wiggle - but this time in a good way.

    Current edition of Cycling Plus has reviewed 40 bikes to nominate its "Bike of the Year"

    Wiggle's branded Verenti Insight didn't win the overall title but it did take the "Best Value" award. The fact that it was the cheapest bike tested at £1500 just gets it into your budget so it may be worth considering. If you're lucky you may be able to get a discount code that will save you something on that price.

    Comes with Ultegra shifters/derailleurs, a Rotor 3D compact chainset and a Fulcrum Racing 7 wheelset.

    Have a browse around to get more info if your are interested.
  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Literally hundreds of options available. Everyone has their own particular favourite brand, aesthetic, riding position. As another poster has indicated there is a reasonably respected "bike of the Year " assessment in Cycling Plus soon so thats probably worth a look. If it was me I would be shortlisting

    Cannondale Supersix
    Cannondale Caad10
    Wilier Izoard - my bike
    Ribble - build your own spec

    Best value award seems to be going to Canyon and Rose despite the weak GBP at the moment. You wont be able to test ride them though before buying.

    The other option is to keep an eye on Ebay and the Bike Radar classified. There are a lot of bikes that get sold almost as new as peoples circumstances or will to ride changes. I saw a Cannodale Supersix Ultegra with cosmics carbones SL wheels on Ebay the other day for a buy it now prices of £1500.

    For me part of bike riding is about loving your bike. My Wilier may not be the best equipped, lightest or stiffest frame but I love the frame and the livery and it fits me really well plus I got it for £800 second hand which is about half price.
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