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New Bike time

BUR70NBUR70N Posts: 182
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Currently using a Spesh Langster 2011 with some tarty bits on and the missus has given permission for me to get a do it all bike, so I have been looking at Cyclocross bikes.

My LBS's have a wide choice of bikes, Ridley, Spesh, Trek, Orbea etc. I have a £1k budget but can't really find anything I like or would want to own. I was being swayed towards discs but as I say just don't seem to like anything out there.
Except the Sensa Fermo bike with upgrades to Ultegra and Mavics! Also one of the shops has a Ridley Crosswind frame that they said could build with 105 for £1100. But I am just stuck!

Just wondering what others might think could be worth a look.



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