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A couple of newbie questions

ianspeareianspeare Posts: 110
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Just a couple of questions for a beginner:

1. What kind of cadence do you aim to maintain? Lets say specifically over a 10 mile TT. Is there one that you aim for or just something that feels comfortable?

2. 02 vs CO2. I'm not thinking of changing phone provider, but just wondering which one you prefer to take out on a ride. I'm being swung towards a mini pump, as the CO2 charger means its 1 more think to carry


  • Hi Ian,

    I try to maintain between 75 - 85, that feels quite comfortable to me, although that is not a 'racing/TT' cadence, thats just all purpose riding over 20 miles or so.

    As far as 02 v c02, I always go for a mini pump - air is free & won't run out! I would only use o2 if I were racing, for speed. But knowing me, would probably bring a mini pump as well! Belt & braces man!

    Welcome to the forum mate!
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  • Thanks for the response. I have a mini pump, so that'll be carried with me

    Another one imI've thought of: What gym excercises or parts of the body are worth developing to improve cycling?
  • Just ride at whatever cadence feels comfortable - gearing will influence this. This person obviously does not have a high cadence as he uses very big gears (with 165mm cranks btw). He has done under 19min or a 10 mile TT though. ... Q&dur=2506
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    ianspeare wrote:
    What gym excercises or parts of the body are worth developing to improve cycling?

    Best thing you can do to improve your performance on the bike is to simply ride the bike. Do progressively longer rides, try to do a particular route quicker, try to do more hills etc etc.
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    If you are feeling comfortable in a 10mile TT you are probably not doing it right, you should collapse from death at the finish line. The secret is to die after rather than before the line.
    Cadence, gearing and crank length can be adjusted to optimise your power efficiency, ie watts per breath or watts per heartbeat. Some people like to spin hard and slow, others spin lighter and faster, it depends on your muscle makeup and how powerful you are in your legs vs cardio fitness.
    Crank length can help or hinder your style. If you are short and like to spin fast, then riding long cranks will hold you back (and visa versa for the opposite case)
    As a beginner, you should probably try to spin faster than you feel is normal. If you are a new-cyclist athlete then you need to train your legs by spinning very fast in training. If you are a non athlete, then you my need to build up your cardio endurance by long slow rides. Or do both.
  • Mikey41Mikey41 Posts: 690
    Not done TT's, but I find 95-100 on the flat to be comfortable for me and 90 when climbing if possible.

    Generally anything from 80-100, whatever you find is comfortable.
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  • Thanks for the responses do far. I've now added a mini pump to my collection.

    I've still a few months gym membership left, so I might as well make use of it! I mainly focus on my cardio, legs and core. I think shoulders/ chest could be beneficial too. I also intend to do some yoga at home to improve flexibility.

    My local CC does a 10s series in the summer. My aim for this is to do a sub 30 min ride. They also compete in TLI races, so I thought I could have a go at that too. I know I'll probably get dropped on the first few races, but I'll persist. Anyone have any experience of TLI by the way?
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