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bogus buildup?

chrisvanderkaapchrisvanderkaap Posts: 323
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Hey I know it isn't a very glamorous subject to talk about. But how many of you have experienced snot buildup during semi-intensive to intensive riding/ racing? It blocks my nose and stops me from using the proper breathing techniques I was taught. Otherwise I'm in very good shape, tall (6ft 7") and lightweight (155 lbs) rider.

Any tips, products or maybe special nose clips people have used in the past to good succes?

I know it's a common thing since I have seen a lot of riders in the pack with the same condition. But I'd really like to get rid of it!!

Oh, in case someone is smart enough ask about the conditions I ride in. I live in Belgium, it's cold and humid here. I average about 250 miles a week, hold a licence but don't race every week.


  • Thats some mileage...Does it build up in spite of you "snot rocketing" or is it because you don't clear your airways often enough?
    Never really had issues with blocked nose whilst cycling personally more the opposite.
    Could try sticking a nose trimmer up there, although i doubt you have so much hair up there that it actually blocks your nose! :lol:
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  • Get it a bit in the colder weather & guess in the flatlands with the wind it probably makes things worse.

    You could try vaporub or similar on your base layer/jersey, is a bit messy but certainly does clear the airwaves. DId a mountain race in 2011 with it and did the job. Is quite a cheap option & no one will know if there is embrocation being worn so might be worth a try.

    Did try one of those air strip things but did nothing for me - then again I have what I call an aero nose & others call a big nose.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • IMO those nasal strip things are bollocks - for a lot of people who suffer excess mucous its down to too much dairy products - if you eat diary try cutting down the amount of milk, butter cheers cream etc from your diet may help. Some say white pasts is also bad but I have no experience of that.

    Frash root ginger is very good at clearing mucous - try it finely chopped in food (lovely in a stir fry) or you can make a tea if you can stand it - about a one inch cube chopped or grated and boiled for 5 mins or so in a half a pint of water - strain and drink.
  • GGBikerGGBiker Posts: 450
    Why do you state that milk causes mucus when there is no evidence of this relationship?

    I'm not even going to bother checking the ginger....
  • Snot rockets are horrible but they're definitely the key. Try not to get it all over your gloves and jersey. Try not to get it all over someone else's gloves and jersey.
  • GGBiker wrote:
    Why do you state that milk causes mucus when there is no evidence of this relationship?

    I'm not even going to bother checking the ginger....

    In fairness, wishitwasallflat never 'states' that 'milk causes mucus' - he says that some people who suffer from excess mucous find that cutting down on the amount of dairy they eat helps.

    I have found that ginger HAS helped me with excess mucous production & helped in clearing my nose throughout this winter.
    Still, no need to check, it easier to just rubbish someone's attempt to assist the OP without any 'evidence'....
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  • all class advice! Im very grateful.

    I'd say the proof is in the pudding. Evidence comes later!
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