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Mallorca booked end of March

tometoyoutometoyou Posts: 29
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Hi All,

I have booked flights for 4 of us to go cycling the last week of March and have finally been able to find somewhere to hire bikes ata half decent price (for the bike anyway)

We are thinking of just trying to wing it with accomodation as we don't want to base ourselves anywhere, is this a good idea or will we struggle as apparently it is going to be very busy?


  • Mate, end of March? Easter weekend. School hols. You're pushing your luck...
  • Yeah I know thats what i was thinking, although I think it is technically the week before easter as we fly out on the 23rd returning the 31st? Going to see if the bikes we are hiring can fit a rack on the back and take a tent just in case we are stuck.
  • Bikes can't take racks so looks like we are going to have to try and find a tent small enough to go in a backpack or just wing it and worst comes to worst rough it for the night.

    Ah well should be an adventure at least
  • I was on Mallorca 2 weeks ago with my bike. It was nice, but I only out in shorts 1 day, the rest was in longs. Since I've been back they have had snow, apparently. It could be a tad nippy.

    I was based in Puerto Soller at the Miramar (basic but fine), big climbs out of town in most directions. Easier option would be base yourself in Pollenca. That way you can ride hills or the flat.

    Personally I wouldn't want to get caught out or have to camp. Have a good trip and enjoy
  • tometoyoutometoyou Posts: 29
    Hi Beckers, thanks for that appreciate it, hope it is a bit warmer than that though.

    Would appreciate your advice or anyone elses as where to stay.

    We are hiring bikes and they say they can deliver to anywhere on the island, we get in at 21.30 on saturday. will stay in Palma over night and then thinking of getting a bus to Soller in the morning to get the bikes.

    Is Soller a good place to start cycling? we will either go from Soller and cycle along the coast towards Alcudia and staying wherever we find or base ourselves somewhere else for the week and doing day trips?

  • nunowoolmeznunowoolmez Posts: 864
    Try Viva Tropic Hotel in Alcudia. Nice hotel, bike hire available, good base for all rides. Near Pollenca & other main towns
  • Beckers62Beckers62 Posts: 66
    I stayed at the Miramar in Puerto Soller. I got a cheap deal (about £170 for a weeks B&B). Very basic, but very bike friendly

    It's pretty much all uphill out of Soller. Pollensa is an easier option, but with good hilly rides nearby. The ride out to Formentera was one of my faves
  • 4kicks4kicks Posts: 549
    Also do bear in mind camping by the side of the road is illegal here. Depending on whos land you pitch up on, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the landowner rang the policia local himself. One of the beauties of internet connections is you can quite easily check on hotel availability in real time. Im sure you'll find something, my two hotels are full but I still know many who are not, Easter being so early & all..
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  • bernithebikerbernithebiker Posts: 4,148
    I'd be amazed if you couldn't find somewhere, I'd think Magaluf would be almost empty at that time of year, and you can get cheap beer too!

    have your tried renting a small house or apartment? You'll find loads here;
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,772
    There's plenty of cheap hotels available, we've booked the same week 300 euros for a 3 bed apartment

    Hopefully the sun will be out, sick to death with all this rain, wind & snow here
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  • bigjimbigjim Posts: 780
    I don't find that Hotels on the island are cheap at all. They seem to be more than last year. I've been checking them out for a while. For AI, for one person, they appear to be £50 to £100 dearer than this time last year. Considering the economy is suppsed to be so bad there do not appear to be any bargains.
    I can find flights cheap enough But good hotels? No chance.
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