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As per previous posts, I bought a set of spare wheels for use on the Turbo ( with specific turbo tyre ). On first use the chain was really noisy which I believe was from the chain being old and the cassette being brand new. Put the original wheels back on and there wasn't any noise. Anyway I have carried on ( wrongly or rightly ) using the turbo wheel and everything is fine on the Turbo with this set. Now on Sunday me and my mate took part in the Evans Ride-It Leeds event and I used my spare wheels ( having obviously put a road tyre on the rear rather than the Turbo tyre!! ) as it had a lower gear for the hills and I wanted to see what it would be like prior to using it to do LeJog in April. Now bearing in mind the noise had gone whilst on the Turbo, the noise was back whilst cycling although not all the time. As best I could see, the de-railleuer looked like it was slightly twisting the chain - I was seeing this whilst cycling so not sure if it was an optical illusion. Later in the ride the noise disappeared.
Last night I put my original wheel on the bike and went on the Turbo. Only managed half an hour as I got so fed up with the re-derailleuer jumping out of gear all the time - clunk, clunk. Bearing in mind this cassetted wheel was fine last time I used it, I don't understand why its behaving like it is.
This morning I've ridden to work on the spare ( which wasn't allright at the start of Sundays ride ) and had no issues at all. Nice smooth and silent.
Is this all to do with the fact that the cassetttes are different ages and the chain is almost a year old and over 3000miles of use? I fairly certain they are both Campag Veloce cassettes.

Help, maybe I need to take it to the LBS?
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    Swap the cassette that seems OK over to the wheels that do not seem ok. If it is still OK on those wheels then it's your other cassette causing the issue.

    If it is not OK then it is likely due to the different wheels having slightly different hub dimensions. If this is the case it means you need to re-index the gears each time you swap wheels.

    P.S It would have been easier to swap cassettes for your ride rather than tyres.
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    It's an intermittant problem with both wheels?

    I might be sounding silly, but maybe when you swapped the wheels over, the wheel wasn't seated properly in the hanger?
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    I'm guessing one cog gets used on the turbo and the others haven't been used as much?
  • The new cassette was only used on the Turbo until Sunday and todays ride to work. I use both the gears and the resistance on the Turbo so it isn't just one or two gears.

    Thing is that the original intention was to use the new cassette and wheel just on the turbo, leaving my old cassette and wheels for the road. What I can’t understand is the fact that if it is the indexing then how come the new cassette/wheel combo went from being noisy to Ok and the original has now become jumpy? Surely if the spacing is slightly different ( or different hub length which I didn’t know about ) then it will always be there and yes I can appreciate that you would then need to play around with the indexing each time I swapped the wheels. I think its more a case of a worn chain?
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    960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013
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    Cable stretch resulting from tension on the derailleur, the tension coming from different indexing? I have a similar problem swapping between a 12-25 105 cassette on my trainer wheel and an 11-28 Ultegra cassette on my road wheel; I reindex each time. Clearly the right answer is a separate trainer bike...
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    Touch wood, it seems to have all sorted itself out. No issues with either wheel/cassette now. Fingers crossed it carries on like this!
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    960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013