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New shoes

willhubwillhub Posts: 821
edited March 2013 in The bottom bracket
Woke up cold one Wednesday,
I'm looking tired and feeling quite sick (as usual),
I felt like there was something missing in my day to day life,
So I quickly opened the wardrobe,
Pulled out some shorts and a jersey that seemed clean,
Topped it off with a pair of old SPD-SL shoes,
That were ripped around the seams,
And I thought these shoes just don't suit me.

"in dreamland":
Hey, I put some new shoes on,
And suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and all the KOM's are mine,
It's so inviting,
Oh, short on money,
But long on time,
Slowly cruizing in the sweet "sunshine",
And I'm running late,
And I don't need an excuse,
'cause I'm wearing my brand new SPD-SL shoes.

Woke up late one Friday,
And I'm seeing stars as I'm rubbing my eyes (as usual),
And I felt like there were two days missing,
As I focused on the time,
And I made my way to the kitchen,
But I had to stop from the shock of what I found,
A room full of all off my friends dancing round and round (must be high),
And I thought hello new SPD-SL shoes,
Bye bye them blues.

Take me blasting through these streets,
Where bright lights and angels (puncture fairys) meet,
Stone to stone they take me on,
I'm riding to the break of dawn.

Take me blasting through these streets


  • capt_slogcapt_slog Posts: 3,872

    The older I get, the better I was.

  • Capt Slog wrote:

    haha, I thought I was the only who knew that song - I sing in my head sometimes on the bike - its from kentucky fried movie i think, it was on c4 years and years ago - its the song that stays with you because at some level - its true :lol:
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    momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself.
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Strewth! Will hubs turned into Palo Nutini (no he's not an Italian Climber).

    Aint it lovely to have him back in dispatches from the world of work.

    Seriously though I was looking for some casual shoes for a night out the other day and ended up with some Hush Puppy's, really had to worry about myself when I found myself saying to the wife " These are just so Comfy"
  • nevmannevman Posts: 1,611
    That So makes me want some new shoes even at the risk of coming over all S.J.P
    Whats the solution? Just pedal faster you baby.

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  • capt_slogcapt_slog Posts: 3,872
    nevman wrote:
    That So makes me want some new shoes even at the risk of coming over all S.J.P

    well, can't blame you for that.

    The older I get, the better I was.

  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Capt Slog wrote:
    nevman wrote:
    That So makes me want some new shoes even at the risk of coming over all S.J.P

    well, can't blame you for that.

    You Wouldnt you just Wouldnt. Apparently traces of Horse DNA have been found in SJP. My right foot is a dead ringer for her and my left foots like a prettier version of her face.

    Good top bollocks though when she gets soaked by the bus in that programme the Mrs likes.
  • willhubwillhub Posts: 821
    S.J.P? Sir Jennifer Lopez?
  • @Jack_Luke Can you not see the spam pattern yet, after you authorised that post a while back?
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