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Seatpost to go with Specialized Toupe Pro

capitaochunkcapitaochunk Posts: 5
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Was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have an 09 Cayo Focus, (so the seatpost needs to be 31.6mm in diameter) and have recently decided to buy some new bits for it. I started with the saddle which I love (Specialized Toupe Pro) but have been struggling to find a new seatpost which is within my budget range and compatible. Im happy to spend somewhere between £100-150 as long as its offset, carbon, compatible and durable.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it massively, have already bought the wrong thing once.

Ive been looking at:

3T Palladio Team Carbon Setback Seat Post - But depending on what you read, it doesnt work with the oversize carbon rails???
Easton EC90 Carbon Seat Post - But im not sure its compatible
Cinelli Ram Seat Post - But Ive read a couple of things pointing to potential durability issues


  • I know it's not carbon but I can highly recommend the Zipp Service Course SL seat post. I have the same saddle and fit is fine. If you have to go with carbon then check out the SL Speed!
  • Mine is clamped to a Thomson setback post. The Masterpiece version is lighter than almost all carbon posts. That and the Elite are works of art and engineering.
  • fluff.fluff. Posts: 771
    If you find a post you like but smaller diameter, you can always shim it to suit (don't think this causes issues with carbon, but not 100% sure, I've had a shimmed alloy one for years).

    Was going to suggest the Canyon fancy pants VCLS one, but they only have the 2.0 showing for an eye watering 222 quid.
  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,205
    The Fizik Cyrano fits your saddle without a problem ... t-12-46500
  • Go for a Spesh Zertz
  • Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated. The winner was the Fizik, liked what I read and the pricing worked so cheers to FatTed for the suggestion. Lets see how I get on!
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