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Tacx real life videos

greasedscotsmangreasedscotsman Posts: 6,962
edited February 2013 in Road general
Does anyone know if it's possible to jump to user defined points of the videos rather than use the predetermined routes?


  • Yes. Go to Real Life Videos, select Edit Course, select a video and click Edit then choose your start and finish points
  • Do I need the advance software for that? I only have the basic and I can't see where that option is.
  • Oops, me bad. Didn't think to ask about software. I've been using TTS 3 for a couple of years and am able to edit video rides.

    By basic software do you mean Fortius rather than a version of Tacx Training Software? I don't think you can with Fortius. You could just play the video files outside the software but then you won't get the resistance or data linked to your ride.
  • I'm using an iFlow which comes with 4.3 Basic.
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