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Current Deals and a bit of advice from the Hive mind....

andyb78andyb78 Posts: 156
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A friend of mine is looking to purchase a road bike, circa. £500. About 6:3", and 17 stone, he's not going to be flying up any hills Froome-stylee in the near future, and needs something a bit sturdier. Having had a quick wander around Evans and Wiggle at the bottom end of the price points I was a little surprised at the level of kit now being offered - groupset-wise everything seems to be Shimano 2200/2300 with Sora not even making an appearance until around £650+. Is this about par at the mo'? (Makes my Boardman on the C2W scheme 4 years ago seem an absolute bargain now!)

Don't reckon I'm going to be able to convince him to buy second-hand.

So - anyone got any good tips / experience of an entry level steed for the slightly sturdier chap?

Cheers in advance...
Road bike FCN 6

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