TORM jersey sizing?

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Anyone got any Torm kit and may be able to help on the sizing? From what I can tell I'm bang on the middle of the M/L junction and in some other brands have found the M too small and the L too big.

Jerseys wise, a Mavic UK M (int L), Giordana Bodyclone L fit ok, and an Endura Stealth M jacket is about right too. I'm tending towards slightly broader shoulders (39" chest) due to swimming, and a 31" waist.

Any suggestions welcome! I have some rapha, but the L is ever so slightly baggy on me, and my older pink jersey in size M is probably tighter than it should be.



  • I think you are an M
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    I am a similar size to you but maybe another inch round the waist. I've had 4 Torm jerseys. A large long sleeved one that was miles too big, a large ss jersey that is a bit big, a medium ss jersey that is just right and another ss medium jersey that I can't even squeeze into. Nice shirts but I've given up on them as there is too much variation in their sizing.
  • Im a medium in most stuff but had to get large Torm jerseys as they are italian fit.