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Another use-fool interactive trail map.

tomsticklandtomstickland Posts: 402
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I found this via twitter. Looks pretty good to me. ... -trail-map


  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Looks like an alright guide to the planning areas to travel to, but doesn't have guided routes for natural trails which is a shame. Means it can't be used solely for planning a ride - and if you had a guide book with the trails in, you wouldn't need this website.
    I'll be planning a weeks riding soon, I think I'll use this to help decide what area might be best for me to go to. Cheers.
  • You make a really good point on natural trail listings. I totally agree (I'm from IBIKERide:). The Trail directory is just a few months in and we have started with the trail centres and then supporting that with a Regional focus on what is on offer in places where natural riding rules like.. e.g. Yorkshire Dales, Brecons, Quantocks, Peaks etc. Then in these Regional areas we push folk to the more detailed resources out there.

    Reckon we may get to natural trails down the line if there is a need which is quite likely. Challenge will be to keep the Directory updated as with the growth of development out there the directory has to be dynamic or will be out of date in months. So many maps are built and left not being maintained. So plan is to focus just on trails and the local trail community and move control and management of each listing to the trail owners (we are trialing this now with a few). We are in Beta at mo.. If you spot any inaccuracies please let us know. Laters. helping you find the trails you'll love
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    As you say, there's plenty of good guides out there. What I'd like to see if lists of riding groups that use those areas so you could plan a riding trip by incorporating shops and guided rides. That way you're promoting local shops and the community.
  • That's what we think and similar to what we are doing. Last month we launched A Biker Friendly Accommodation directory (there are about 80 odd signed up) and yesterday a MTB Skills Coaches and Guide Directory and 16 have signed up. In essence when you go to the Trail specific listing then the relevant local business is surfaced on that page. A sort of one stop shop. In the next month we launch the Bike Shop and Hire Directory and the Club and Riding Group Directory. The specific trail listing page be is Cannock or Gisburn for example should represent all elements of the local riding community and local economy. In that way the local economy benefit and so does the rider. helping you find the trails you'll love
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Sounds very good then, best of luck with it. I'll watch it's development
  • TrailGuruTrailGuru Posts: 53
    Hi guys

    I run a similar website for mountain biking in Wales -

    We were asked whether we were going to provide route guides for natural riding areas but keeping the info up-to-date would be a full time job, hence why we've kept the website centered around way-marked trails and popular trail centres.

    We get a lot of traffic, have great user feedback etc but it sure is difficult to attract paid advertisers! Everyone assumes online advertising is free nowadays because of the huge number of free directories available.

    Fun as a hobby site/side project but these ventures are notoriously difficult to generate revenue from. That said, good luck with iBikeRide. Looks like another useful resource for UK mountain biking.

    Kev - The ultimate guide to mountain biking in Wales
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