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New Forest - what sort of mtb is best suited?

jimmmjimmm Posts: 202
edited February 2013 in Routes
So after living in Bournemouth for five years now, I have only just realised how quick it is to get to the New Forest by train. I've been a road cyclist for coming up a year, but with the New Forest on my doorstep I want to try my hand at mountain biking. However, I have no idea what the trails/paths/general cyclable areas are actually like?

I enjoy the speed (and lightness) of road cycling, so would really like to keep this when moving across. I believe XC bikes are best suited to this - would they suit the New Forest? I also need to make the decision between 26 and 29ers - what would you guys recommend for the New Forest? Are there tight trails and bendy trails that would suit the 26? Or are there climbs, long flowing trails that would suit the 29er?

Thanks in advance :)


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