Jogle bike for some training..!

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Hi all,

Another update from my posts from last night, as you know I was worried about the bike size I had selected and put a deposit on, a cannondale synapse USA special, so this morning I took a trip to my LBS to see if I could have my deposit returned or if not select another bike, on entering the shop , the assistant I had been dealing with came over, and before I could say I think that 56cm bike is to big for me, he said wait there a minute and went into the back shop, only to return with the said bike but in a size 54 cm, one step ahead of you he said, having watched me riding on the 56cm on Saturday he said wasn't happy with me on it at all.
To say I was happy and impressed was an understatement, so I would like to thank Birkenhead cycles, and in particular
Ski who dealt with me, today he watched me on the bike again ,and made any minor adjustments, explained all about the controls, maintenance of the bike ..etc.. I would highly recommend this shop to anybody on the Wirral .

I would also like to thank all of the people who took the time to reply to my posts, and giving expert advice ,that all turned out to be right advice of course. :D

So if you should spot me riding around willaston and surrounding areas, no I'm not an all the gear no idea rider, just a man on a mission on a bike that i know will last through the training and jogle in 2 years time.

Here is my bike anyway. ... -bike.html 8) :D

Thanks all again Tony.


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    Cool...pleased you've sorted it out :D
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    That looks just the job for your jogle, time to get yourself out and do some miles in readiness.
  • I live in Prenton so will check them out . I use a bike shop in Moreton and they are a good bunch of lads