overshoes or winter shoes

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Not sure what to go for? Seen the northwave gtx boots on offer or should i just get some good waterproof overshoes? if so, which?


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  • Wherd have you seen them on offer ? I've used overshoes but my feet still get cold. Thinking the same about getting some winter shoes are the northwaves the best?
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    dont know if they are the best. get good reviews,25% cheaper at merlin and wiggle (certain sizes) at the moment
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    I cant see the point in winter boots, unless you're just using them for plodding to work. I reckon if you want to get the most out of your cycling, then do it in the shoes you're most likely to cycle in.
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    they would be for my commute mostly. got some planet x neoprene overshoes at the moment. work ok, but shoes get wet which is ok at the time because the neoprene keeps my feet warm but no fun having to put wet shoes on the next day.
    would use during proper rides too if needed!
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    Use mudguards if you want to stop your feet getting wet (or it at least helps massively)
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    Winter boots are great and I'd highly recommend them if you can afford a pair.
    Some advantages:
    Can size up to comfortably wear thicker socks in them for even more warmth
    Usually more sturdy so don't scrag up as much as normal shoes (and you don't want to trash your expensive summer shoes do you?)
    No vent holes to worry about taping over/water leaking in
    Overshoes provide about 5 minutes protection from wet feet if it's wet out, winter boots keep the wet out a lot longer (although still far from waterproof even if they're advertised as such)
    You can still wear overshoes over winter boots (if it's sub-zero then you might be glad of this)
    They'll breathe better than stinky/clammy neoprene overshoes
    A second pair of shoes gives you more versatility (if one set is still wet from the last ride switch to the other)

    I could go on - I have 4 different types of overshoe ranging from lightweight lycra water repellent ones through to Pro Tarmac NPU+ thick neoprene ones. All are useful but not a patch on winter boots if you can afford them (and the Northwave ones are very good, I have the MTB version). So either get the winter boots or both, don't jsut get overshoes.
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    Why can't you dry your shoes overnight ? Newspaper - radiator. Sorted.
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    can do, but getting a hassle given the recent weather. i dont put em by the radiator as they tend to go a bit crunchy but do put newspaper/old cloths in. Are there any totally waterproof overshoes (apart from leaking down the top); endura dexters?
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    Pretty sure any neoprene overshoes are waterproof - apart from the holes. My wetsuit is waterproof and thats neoprene too.
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    i think mine are on the cheaper scale of neoprene as they let water in, but do keep my feet warm. i though thats how wetsuits worked too, but i might be wrong. or could i be mixed up with drysuits?
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    If it's for the commute, I'd strongly suggest a pair of crudguards through the winter months - saves your shoes, backside, back, bag getting soaked and prevents a large % of nasties getting clagged in around your transmission. Oh yeah, and then you'll only need overshoes to provide adequate protection for your shoes.

  • overshoes to protect against cold and still able to use your cycling shoes for summer days.

    wear more socks or thicker socks if u still get cold.

    wet feet in torrential rain is unavoidable, in winter put it on radiator over night job done and in the morning you slip into a pair of nice warm shoes, feels great. in summer days just leave them out to dry and stuff it with newspaper or paper towel. they will smell a lot after a few wetting so should be chucked into the washing machine unless you like the smell
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  • For the money I'd go with some good winter socks and a good quality pair of overshoes.
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    Both - I have Sidi Winter boots and if it's really cold and filthy, I put some neoprene overshoes over the top. For winter use, I prefer SPDs are you tend to be walking about more - regular cafe stops and hanging around for punctures. They also get used for my commute which involves a long trek across the car park which would wear both cleats and overshoes if I was using road shoes.
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