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Do I need assembly Paste ?

iandennisiandennis Posts: 238
edited February 2013 in Road buying advice
My new bike arrives on Wednesday.

Carbon Fibre frame and seatpost. Do i need assembly paste for the seatpost or do I leave it dry ?

I've assumed I need some paste ?

Cannondale SuperSix



  • Yes use assembly paste - check some is there when it arrives - add some if it wasn't and to check every now and again is good maintenance. AFAIK using paste reduces the clamping force needed which is a good thing!
  • Many thanks

    I've order some paste
  • A little off topic but I thought this was interesting on paste: ... rding.html
  • Thanks

    I'm only going to use it on the seatpost
  • Coach HCoach H Posts: 1,092
    Depends what you mean by assembly paste.

    You need carbon paste which has an agregate to provide additional friction
    In this specific case you do not need assembly paste/grease which is for threaded connections, DO NOT use this on carbon seatposts
    Coach H. (Dont ask me for training advice - 'It's not about the bike')
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