Disappointment with Continental grand prix tire.

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Had to walk in blistering cold today for an hour because my 3 month old Continental Grand Prix tire just ripped with a loud pat. I mini-pumped it after puncture so over-pumping is not the case.
Made roughly 1K miles on them. Is this its life time ? What can be the reason for such a strange rip from the "stitches"? A bit of a shame for Conti as they a bit pricey and I would expect them to last at least 2-3K.






  • The exact same thing happened to my friend a couple of weeks ago. His brake pads were rubbing against the tyre.
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    Cheer, displacedaussie.
    I'm afraid that might be the case for me as well. I checked it and that particular brake pad seems to be too high and was touching the tire.
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    That's exactly what I was going to suggest based on your first pic. I always make sure mine are well clear of the tyre.
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    Just to add - my GP4seasons (23mm) are into 3000 miles now - the tread is starting to disappear on the rear - mostly tarmac/single track road riding. I'm pleased with these as my Spec tyres seemed to suffer after just 1000 miles....
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    I got 3500 miles out of my last Conti 4 Seasons rear, and the front (now on the rear) is still going strong.
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    The toughest tyres won't withstand abrasion by brake blocks.
    Just binned some GP4 Seasons after 4 winter's use - probably in excess of 12,000 miles.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks for feedback all. I wonder those with 3K+ mileage what is your average puncture amount with these tires ?
    I had just 1 in 3 months where I made roughly 1.2K miles. And I'm damn heavy with with my 90KG.
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    In the last 4k miles on Conti 4 Seasons I've managed 2 pinch flats (my laziness in not checking tyre pressures)and 2 thorns, one of those through the sidewall.
  • Just done about 4K on one set & not a single flat.

    Tend to keep the pressure nice and high, clean the tyre regularly & also the rim/tyre gently to remove any small debris that might build up. Nothing to OTT (for me) but a quick spin and clean with an old toothbrush seems to do the trick.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • Got the GP4000s had them 4 years, 1 pinch flat from riding gravel ( mates choice of route) excellent tyre will always use them.