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lbalonylbalony Posts: 301
edited February 2013 in MTB general
Just about to buy the Norco Sight SE 2 2013 from evans cycles.

They have offered me 100 pound of instore credit or voucher if I pay cash. I want to get it on 0% but they can not offer me anything for free.

Does anyone have any advice or a voucher code i could use?

Cheers :D


  • MeatfoxMeatfox Posts: 155
    Can ya get a credit card with good term of 0% on purchases?
    that way you can pay for it all up front, then set the monthly payments to match the evans credit...

    thing is though, many shops will give you 10% of the value of the bike in free accessories.
    So the Norco is what..£2300?...youll get better value elsewhere :)
  • lbalonylbalony Posts: 301
    I need it this week really and not got time for a credit card tbh. Shame as a good idea. I would love to go else where but evans are the only uk people doing norco :(
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Parts seem to be an issue.
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