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Hi Guys. Been mountain biking for a few years but decided to get a road bike last weekend. I am doing a 26 mile charity cycle in July. Done it a few times now but on my MTB and my quickest time was 2:04 but want to beat the 2 hour mark so decided to get the road bike.

Any training tips would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Pedal harder
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    Won't need extra training to do the same distance on the road bike, I'd be surprised if you didn't beat the 2hrs mark comfortably the first time you try it.
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    Work out your weekly mileage and build up 10% a week and on the fourth week reduce the intensity.

    Listen to your body.

    Aim for 500ft of climbing plus every 10 miles and you will annihilate your target.

    Take it easy and remember to have fun and enjoy the ride
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    I have been using the road bike to commute to work and at first I preferred my MTB. Yesterday I done 23 miles on it along Sustrans route 76 and have to say I loved it. Took around two hours but that was taking it easy and chatting away with my brother and my friend, so with a bit of effort it should be more than achievable.
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