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Gary fisher "Level Betty"

newbuild100newbuild100 Posts: 9
edited February 2013 in MTB general
Ive got access to a friends shed clearout and there are a few cycles up for grabs.
One of them is a Garyfisher "Level Betty" that doesnt look at its best although it seems a pity to let it go to waste.
It has Shimano gear on it,Physlo forks and a Rockshox "Deluxe" rear suspension unit on.
I dont have any need for it myself(Im trying to get rid of some of my own toys !!)

Does anyone know if its worth anything at all, im told they were the Dogs bits in their day ?
(There is one on fleabay that the owner is asking what seems like an awful lot of money for at present.) . . . .

. . . . Or should I let it go to waste ?

Thanks for any advice


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