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  • Forget about upgrades, it is not worth upgrading. It is worth restoring and maybe getting hold of a road rear derailleur. Take it as a low budget project... if you want a respray, go for powder coating, cheap and nice enough, but only 1 colour. Strip the BB and check, it might just need some grease, those old basxxrds tend to last for decades.
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    Agree with the above. Looks like a nice project to restore it to its former glory but to try and fit modern components into an older drive-train is, I imagine, fraught with headaches due to indexed gears etc. I would say give it a bit of TLC, learn how to work on the bike and enjoy riding it. Meanwhile, save on the serious spending and put the money towards something modern, or you might decide you like the retro-cool look and stick with the Dawes.
    One further piece of advice, if it has not been used for a while it might be worth getting a service from your LBS, this is probably cheaper than you might think and will at least give you some peace of mind that it is safe to use.

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