Random events while cycling



  • stueyboy wrote:
    Barrzy257 wrote:
    I looked back expecting to see a farm vehicle for it to be the biggest bull I've ever seen! To add to that it had started to give case, now it's fair to say even though I was 60miles in the next few happened to be some of my fastest to date!! Can honestly say I've never been so frighted in my life, all on my own to.

    That trumps my horse story by about 1/2 a ton. I'd have soiled myself.... (you didn't, did you?)

    Haha nope I never soiled myself, but I only put that down to the fizik I was using at the time which was firmly "corked" up there! A steady HR of 160 suddenly hit 200+! Haha
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    ICE on a 17% downward descent. great for weight loss!
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    Saw four guys breaking into the old ski shop on the NKR last night (presumably to squat it). Shopped em to some rozzers that were pulled up at the Temperance lights.
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  • One of many - about to crest quite a very high hill when everything went black – it was 9 RAF Typhoons in crazy close diamond formation flying at what felt like touching distance over my head. Sadly I couldn’t benefit from their drafting.