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Bryton Rider 50 GPS & Strava

joolsabeljoolsabel Posts: 6
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Just got back into cycling after many years and trying to lose weight (lost 2 stones already and another few to go), I'm 17 stones and 47 years old. I got hold of a Bryton Rider 50 GPS with cadence and HRM and I use this to help calculate the cals burned on a ride.

When I finished yesterdays ride the Rider 50 showed I had 'burned' 1540 Kcals (I live in Lancashire where there are plenty of hills) but when I uploaded the data to my Strava account the Calories burned was 739! Does anyone have any idea how Strava achieves this figure when the data should be from the Rider 50.

I am also a bit confused about calorie intake and would love some advice. I am eating around 1500 Kcals/day (hairy dieters diet). If I then 'burn' 1540 Kcals during a ride my nett cals would be -40? I obviously will need to replenish energy used so I have a goodness shakes milkshake (324Kcal) bringing my nett to 284. My question is, and apologies if it is a rather stupid or obvious one, how many more do I need to ensure my body has enough energy to recover whilst not putting on any more weight? Or does it not work that way?

I am trying to remain in the fat burning zone but due to the hills I am normally above this in the cardio for most of the time - I know I am getting fitter, and maybe I am over analysing everything but it would be nice to know an answer.

Thanks in advance, and please be kind at my ignorance lol, and to all you other overweights out there losing weight, keep it up!



  • IhateDNSIhateDNS Posts: 380
    lost 2 stones already
    Well done
    Strava makes it up as it goes along :wink:
    I only ride 'em, I don't know what makes 'em work!
  • Thanks! Down from a size 44 to a 38 waist and recycled a load of shirts recently as now XL instead of 3XL. Still finding the hills in Rossendale a huge challenge to to having to haul all the additional lard up but hopefully getting there!

    If Strava IS making it up, do you reckon the Bryton should be a more reliable figure? Bryton support = Rubbish & Strava support = rubbish!

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