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2013 Etape Mercia

Having been a runner since i was a teenager running for my school x country team and ran every distance since i came to the painfull decision last july to retire due to bad knees i thought i would try riding (no impact) and would you belive it no problems at all since all my running injuries have dissapeared :D

i have been averaging 45-50 miles a week with the odd 30mile long ride thrown in aswell as my weekly average and i have decided to try my first organised ride the Etape Mercia and would then like to go on and complete the Etape Caledonia and then the Etape Pennines before trying a coast to coast ride will it be to challenging or am i doing it in the right order is anyone else doing it ?

46 years old
79 kilos
averaging 17mph in hilly North Mcr
Cube Streemer
Mavic Ksyrium Elite
9 Speed Triple
Fizik Arion & Thomsom Elite Combo
Mio Cyclo 305 HC (not used the HRM or cadence monitor yet )

any advice would be greatly appreciated regards training for this and also what should i be doing on the day regards eating/energy bats gels drinks etc ? :mrgreen:
2011 Cube Streamer Ultegra Mavic Ksyrium Elite
2010 Ridley Damocles & Campag Record Fulcrum R3's


  • bianchimoonbianchimoon Posts: 3,942
    I started off by doing c2c's first in 3 days, then 2 then single day ones. After that did the caledonia which is a relatively easy ride, hardest bit is worrying about the sweeper van, but in reality very few get swept up. The etape pennines is a different beast, the hills are more frequent and a lot steeper than c2c and caledonia, i had a bad day on that one and bailed out halfway. Once you start doing a few 60 milers you'll be ready for the c2c's and etapes... It's all in the head, it gives up long before the body. Good luck and enjoy!
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  • My advice would be to gradually build up your mileage until you are doing a 60-70 mile ride once a week. This will prepare you nicely for the Etape Mercian which looks to be a relatively flat ride and then maybe next year go for the Caledonia. The Pennines, which I did this year, is a very tough ride even in perfect conditions and would require a far higher standard of fitness and stamina. Saying that, in a year or so, I'm sure you would have no trouble finishing it as long as you keep moving forward with your training.
  • stinger53stinger53 Posts: 135
    i am looking at doing this for my first event. wanting to do the Charity Pledge Place but unsure if i'd get over 250
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