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holiday buddy

jmcbigbike28jmcbigbike28 Posts: 2
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hi was supposed to go saalzberg austria in june but my mate cant go now.
need a new riding buddy .
im in manchester


  • Are you already booked and do you have your heart set on that as a destination?

    If not then i can reccomend a hotel in Riccione Italy called The Milano Helvetia. Its a nice riding area and very popular for cycling tourism. I actually started going to the area regularly myself in 2007 and now return each year to guide there.

    The hotel is inexpensive (70 euro per day including all food, bike clothes laundry, wi-fi and guided rides etc), the staff friendly (even me!) and you could easily go there alone as we have 2 group rides or more each day.

    If you enter Hotel Milano Helvetia Riccione on Google you should find the website easy enough. Will be heading out there myself on April 10th but feel free to drop me a line on stevemyers651(at)hotmail(dot)com if you would like any info etc. I have holidayed in Riccione alone and in general the people are very friendly everywhere and are cyclist friendly as its a big part of their tourism as well as being full of local cycling enthusiasts.
  • sorry, just seen, your post is in mtb section, not road!!!
  • bekneeboybekneeboy Posts: 56
    Hi, have you got a few more details - like the accommodation - is that booked, your riding (although less imperative), and if everything is booked how much it would cost?

    Thanks, - my plans for a tour of Europe riding as much as possible.
  • Sorry are you asking me for info or original poster?
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Clearly the op, you're a roadie, that takes buddying to a new level.
  • No worries, thought i better check as ignoring people tends to offend.
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